What is poker and how to play it? Is it difficult to play?

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What is poker and how to play it? Is it difficult to play?

Before going to strategy Let’s review the old knowledge a little bit. Because it is very often that a player falls off a horse just. Because they forget about these little basics. As you know, this game is popularly played in Online casinos around the world and it’s easy to play with just 1 deck of cards with 2 or more players.

But the fun doesn’t depend on how easy it is. On the contrary, the harder we beat each other, the more fun the game becomes. Because each player has different strategies to beat the opponent to crouch to himself. Play and get real money. Must be at UFABET.

Terminology used in playing poker

Although poker has been applied to many modifications. But still the basics of playing are similar. It has its roots in Texas Hold’em, with some popular terminology.

  • Raise increases the maximum bet on the table in that round.
  • Call is a bet based on The stake is equal to the maximum bet on the table.
  • Check is asking to pass in that round (not playing), but will not discard the card. Therefore, bets must be made equal to the maximum bet on the table as well.
  • Fold is the fold or discard of the cards in that game. (no longer playing)
  • Flob refers to the first 3 community cards that are face up on the table.
  • Turn refers to the 4th community card that is face up on the table.
  • River refers to the fifth community card, which is the last face-up card on the table.
  • Button refers to the button that tells the player’s position. This position will cycle to all players clockwise.
  • Big blind means a player is forced to place a maximum bet as per the table set. Assuming the table has a maximum bet of 10 units, the Big blind player must bet 10 units, no less.
  • Small blind means the player is forced to bet half of the maximum bet set by the table. Assuming that the table does not bet more than 10 units, the Small blind player must bet 5 units, no more or less.
  • Dealer means the last player to be dealt. considered the best position