Conte points out that Chelsea will be great.

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Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte says he can lead his team to greatness in the Premier League. If he has two important targets like Virgil van Dijk and Romelu Lukaku join the team.

    The Italian coach took charge of the “Sing Blues” in 2016. In the first year he led the team to successfully win the Premier League. Followed by the second year winning the FA Cup. ทางเข้า UFABET  But the team finished at No. 5 were unable to play in the UEFA Champions League, causing them to be relieved of their positions.


In the summer of 2017, Conte set two important targets to strengthen the team: Van Dijk and Lukaku, but in the end both failed. The former went to join Liverpool during the winter market of the 2017/18 season. While the latter went to Manchester United. While Chelsea changed their focus and grabbed Antonio Rudiger and Alvaro Morata came to reinforce the army

    Conte said about the story: 

“History of my team management I often coach teams that are in difficult situations and have problems. I always have to rebuild the team.”

    “After my season with Chelsea when we won the league. We should dominate English football. And we spoke to Lukaku and Van Dijk and these two important players. We will be able to change the situation. ”

    As for Spurs, Conte said: “For me celebrating 4th place and winning a ticket to the Champions League was something really strange. At the end of the last game against Norwich (where Spurs are guaranteed 4th place in 2022). I called up the staff and said, ‘I intended it. Don’t get used to just celebrating the Champions area League only'”

    “I was very clear, I said we did everything we could, from ninth to fourth with all the problems we had to face. It’s a miracle. But we don’t celebrate it like it’s a miracle. Because I’m used to winning.”