Elliott hails Carvalho ‘easy going’ at Liverpool

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Elliott hails Carvalho ‘easy going’ at Liverpool

Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliott believes that new signing Fabio Carvalho. Who join the club last summer, is a player with potential and will be able to Can inform the team in the upcoming season. According to reports from the UFABET website.

The 19-year-old burst into form with Fulham last season. Leading the team to trophies. The Championship And promoted back to play in the top English league successfully. Before moving to Anfield. After the original contract expired.

Elliott, who was previously in the young magnate’s youth team with Carvalho. Believes his talent and superb pace will allow his friend to shine in his place for Liverpool next season. not difficult

“We’ve spoken a few times and he’s got a few questions. He’s a young man and a great player and hopefully we’ll see that in the next few days. I can’t say enough about him. I’ve been told many times. and will let him speak for himself which I am sure he will do that.”

“He’s really excited to be here. He gets along really well with his team-mates. I do everything I can to help him. But to be honest, I don’t need to do that at all. He can fit in here and everyone gets along well with him. This is a great player, yes we have superstars in the squad. I can’t wait to get on the pitch with him like we’ve played together before. That would be a very good thing,” Elliott said.