Why Gnabry refuse to join Chelsea making Premier League

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Why Gnabry refuse to join Chelsea, making Premier League teammates have a chance.

Serge Gnabry the attacking midfielder under the Bayern Munich. Side has shown that he does not want to move to play for Chelsea. Football Club of the English Premier League football in the player market. This summer in any way. According to reports from UFABET

The 26-year-old is the second choice of navy blue lion. To strengthen the attacking position at the edge of the line. When there is a high probability. That they will miss Leeds United’s Rafinha. When the Brazilian has Barcelona as their number one target.

Gnabry’s current contract with the Tigers is due to expire in the summer of 2023. With no progress being made on a new contract under £200,000-a-week wages.

But the latest report from Bild indicates that the origin of Gnabry. Who grew up from Arsenal’s academy. Which has the status of an arch-rival of the Blues. Makes him not want to play for Arsenal’s team.

However Manchester City are Gnabry’s next club choice. They look to sell Raheem Sterling for Chelsea For around the same time 50 million pounds. With rivals Manchester United monitoring the situation as well as Real Madrid. with the player expect to worth around 45 million pounds.