Getting to know lip gloss and Techniques for using lip gloss

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In addition to lipstick Lip gloss is also a popular makeup item for girls. Many people tend to have it in their bag. Because it is an item that will add color and moisture and plump the lips. Some people may think that lip gloss is just applied over normal lipstick. But actually, we can play with lip gloss more than we think with techniques for using lip gloss in various styles. It will make our makeup look more bright.

Techniques apply lip gloss: It’s nice that lip gloss is as straightforward to apply as lipstick or lip liner. Whether you choose to use lip gloss in a stick or a tube. It has the same usage. Start from the center of your lips and work your way to the outer edges. Once enough product has been applied to your lips Rub well to ensure the shine is evenly distributed.

Types of lip gloss

Sheer Lip Gloss: This lip gloss is a lip gloss that has a lighter or clear color. Suitable for layering over brightly colored lipsticks. ยูฟ่าเบท recommend you apply lip gloss over it, it will make your lips look more dimensional.

Colored lip gloss: If you’re not a fan of layering lipstick, this gloss can give your lips a darker color as well. You can wear this lip gloss alone to add color and plumpness to your lips.

Shimmer lip gloss: This type of lip gloss is a lip gloss that is packed with fine shimmer ingredients. Helps add outstandingly luscious lips.

Glitter lip gloss: There is a difference between shimmer and glitter. This lip gloss comes with thicker glitter. Makes the lips extra shiny.

Matte lip gloss: Matte and gloss may seem incompatible, but they can because matte lip gloss is lip gloss that comes in a matte texture but fits the lips perfectly.

Techniques to using lip gloss that’s better than before

Make lips plump: Lately, everyone wants to have plump lips. To make the lips look plump Apply a small amount of lip gloss only to the center of your upper and lower lips. This will be easier than drawing the lips yourself.

Use lip gloss as a lip foundation: In addition to lip gloss, it can be applied as a layer to coat the lips. Lip gloss can also act as a base before applying lipstick. It is guaranteed that the results of applying lipstick are as good as any other method.

Apply to eyelids: Lip gloss can’t only be applied to the lips. But it can also be applied around the eyelid to enhance the overall makeup look with a sparkling glow. Just dab lip gloss on your eyelids. Ready to feel the sparkling sparkling.