Techniques for applying makeup wearing glasses can be beautiful.

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Many women probably think that applying makeup to look beautiful is not easy. If beauty must be seen through thick glasses But today we have some great tips. Especially pleasing to women who wear glasses. In fact, besides wearing glasses, it is not an obstacle in applying makeup, but it also helps to add dimension to the face. And makes the eyes look more round as well.

Even if you wear glasses, you can put on makeup to look bright. We just choose to adapt the technique to suit our glasses. Not too much, not too little. and choose products that will help make our skin look fresh No matter how thick the frames are, I don’t have to worry. สมัคร ufabet includes easy makeup techniques for wearing glasses. That will help you look bright, youthful, with big, round eyes. Beautiful and radiant through glasses.

Choose a yellow-toned concealer: Skin around the eyes under glasses It won’t look as bright as the skin outside the glasses frame. Therefore, you should choose a yellow-toned concealer to help brighten your skin, especially for women who wear glasses with multi-coated lenses or light-adjusting lenses. You should also choose a concealer that is not too thick. You should choose a liquid concealer. Because it will reduce the problem of makeup falling out or stains on the base of your glasses.

Add sparkle to the eyes: Applying shadows and playing with sparkling colors in the middle of the eyelid. It’s a technique that will make your eyes mesmerized. Let us focus on using shimmer in the center of the eyelid and highlighter in the brow bone. In addition, choosing eye shadow in darker shades will make your beautiful eyes look even larger.

Draw your eyebrows to suit the size of your glasses frame: For glasses with thick frames, the frame will stand out more than the face. Therefore, you should draw thin or medium eyebrows. Because it will help the face look balanced with the glasses frame. You shouldn’t write too thickly. Because it will make your eyes blend into the glasses frame. If it’s frameless glasses Thin frame glasses or light colored frames You can make your eyebrows a little darker. But it shouldn’t be darker than our hair color.

Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes: No one would think of curling eyelashes. This seemingly simple step It will help make the light shine on our eyes even more. Has the effect of making the eyes look bright. Brighter than before like this, ladies who have to wear glasses regularly. Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes when applying makeup every time.

Choose a bright lipstick color: Don’t let your glasses take over your total look. Increase confidence and brightness with lipstick that has fresh tones. look lively Add confidence to our look, no matter how big we wear glasses. Recommended color tones are dark red, ruby, orange-red or warm colors. Because it will help adjust your look to have more aura. Plus, the skin doesn’t look as pale as well. And one more thing is, don’t apply matte lipstick that is too dry. Because it will make the look look old. Lips should be plumped up with a little lip gloss. It will help you look more youthful.